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Sandai side table- stoolSandai side table- stool
Sandai side table- stool Sale price$77.00
Aura teapot moss greenAura teapot moss green
Aura teapot moss green Sale price$34.00
Maham flowerpotMaham flowerpot
Maham flowerpot Sale price$50.00
Hira box with lidHira box with lid
Hira box with lid Sale price$34.00
Capella portable lampCapella portable lamp
Capella portable lamp Sale price$13.00
Ilena jars with lid - marbleIlena jars with lid - marble
Ilana box with lidIlana box with lid
Ilana box with lid Sale price$32.00
Deborah marble trayDeborah marble tray
Deborah marble tray Sale price$34.00
Isebella box with lidIsebella box with lid
Isebella box with lid Sale price$41.00
Pela table lampPela table lamp
Pela table lamp Sale price$36.00
Glasses on foot - set of 6 - Eternal Snow - GreenGlasses on foot - set of 6 - Eternal Snow - Green

1 color available

Salt jar with spoonSalt jar with spoon
Salt jar with spoon Sale price$15.00

3 colors available

Emy kitchen paper holderEmy kitchen paper holder
Emy kitchen paper holder Sale price$34.00
Tray travertineTray travertine
Tray travertine Sale price$90.00
Candlestick waxinelights travertine MCandlestick waxinelights travertine M
Candlestick waxinelights travertine LCandlestick waxinelights travertine L
Candlestick waxinelights travertine SCandlestick waxinelights travertine S
Coasters travertine grey - set of 4Coasters travertine grey - set of 4
Oval tray travertine greyOval tray travertine grey
Oval tray travertine grey Sale price$63.00
Vase Marie-Ann MVase Marie-Ann M
Vase Marie-Ann M Sale price$50.00
Vase Marie-Ann SVase Marie-Ann S
Vase Marie-Ann S Sale price$44.00