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Flower pots and vases

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Belise vase brownBelise vase brown
Belise vase brown Sale price$37.00
Belise Vase NatureBelise Vase Nature
Belise Vase Nature Sale price$28.00
Cobra Vase - Mini - Bubbly whiteCobra Vase - Mini - Bubbly white
Cobra Vase - Mini double - blackCobra Vase - Mini double - black
Cobra Vase - Tall Medio - BlackCobra Vase - Tall Medio - Black
Cobra Vase - Uno Medio - BlackCobra Vase - Uno Medio - Black
Cobra Vase - Uno Medio - CoffeeCobra Vase - Uno Medio - Coffee
Guggenheim Vase- Mini - blackGuggenheim Vase- Mini - black
Halfdan vaseHalfdan vase
Halfdan vase Sale price$50.00
Halfdan vase blackHalfdan vase black
Halfdan vase black Sale price$50.00
Herold VaseHerold Vase
Herold Vase Sale price$50.00
Maham flowerpotMaham flowerpot
Maham flowerpot Sale price$50.00
Molly vases - set of 6 - Marie MichielssenMolly vases - set of 6 - Marie Michielssen
Plant pot S ConstructPlant pot S Construct
Plant pot S Construct Sale price$327.00
Tray blackTray black
Tray black Sale price$23.00
Sphere vase coffeeSphere vase coffee
Sphere vase coffee Sale price$19.00
Sphere vase taupeSphere vase taupe
Sphere vase taupe Sale price$19.00
Save 29%Tadelakt fruit bowl/Vase - blackTadelakt fruit bowl/Vase - black
Tadelakt fruit bowl/Vase - black Sale price$29.00 Regular price$41.00
Tribal Vase - Medio - TerracottaTribal Vase - Medio - Terracotta
Tribal Vase Medio - SandTribal Vase Medio - Sand
Tribal Vase Medio - Sand Sale price$81.00
Tribal Vase Mini - Dark GreyTribal Vase Mini - Dark Grey
Tribal Vase Mini - SandTribal Vase Mini - Sand
Tribal Vase Mini - Sand Sale price$59.00
Save 29%Vase Hyacinth - grey - L.Vase Hyacinth - grey - L.
Vase Hyacinth - grey - L. Sale price$24.00 Regular price$34.00
Save 29%Vase Hyacinth - grey - MVase Hyacinth - grey - M
Vase Hyacinth - grey - M Sale price$24.00 Regular price$34.00
Save 32%Vase Idima in glass - yellowVaas Idima in glas - geel
Vase Idima in glass - yellow Sale price$42.00 Regular price$62.00
Vase Marie-Ann MVase Marie-Ann M
Vase Marie-Ann M Sale price$50.00
Vase Marie-Ann SVase Marie-Ann S
Vase Marie-Ann S Sale price$45.00
Save 48%Vase Panther Amber/Brown S.Vase Panther Amber/Brown S.
Vase Panther Amber/Brown S. Sale price$15.00 Regular price$29.00
Save 50%Vase Panther Clear/Brown M
Vase Panther Clear/Brown M Sale price$15.00 Regular price$30.00
Save 27%Vase Ursula - caramelVase Ursula - caramel
Vase Ursula - caramel Sale price$16.00 Regular price$22.00
Vase Wave 03 - Ruben DeriemaekerVase Wave 03 - Ruben Deriemaeker
Vase Wave 04 - Ruben DeriemaekerVase Wave 04 - Ruben Deriemaeker
Vase Wave 05 - Ruben DeriemaekerVase Wave 05 - Ruben Deriemaeker
Vefa VaseVefa Vase
Vefa Vase Sale price$50.00
Travertine wine coolerTravertine wine cooler
Travertine wine cooler Sale price$82.00