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Article: Welcome spring into your home

Verwelkom de lente in huis

Welcome spring into your home

Spring is here! Here are 7 simple steps to transform your space and welcome spring into your home.
A good old-fashioned "Spring Cleaning."
Start cleaning up thoroughly. Take items you no longer need to the thrift store or dumpster park. Give everything a good polish, move furniture and clean carpets. It's not only good for your home, but also a good workout! A neat house will bring peace to your mind and is the perfect canvas to start your spring makeover.
Rearrange stuff. 
Move items you want to keep but are momentarily tired of to another place. You'll be surprised how a small change can have a big impact on the look of your space.
Some items can be used for different functions and spaces. For example, a dish from the living room can brighten up your bathroom. A wool plaid from your sofa makes a nice bedspread for the kids' room. Think creatively and reuse items in new ways.
Fresher colors and lighter textures
Swap dark colors for fresh, bright hues. Think cream or pastel shades. Replace accessories such as pillowcases and rugs with lighter materials such as linen, burlap or seagrass for a true spring feel.
Fresh flowers add a fresh touch to your interior and a lovely scent to your home. Combine them with candles for an extra dose of coziness and liveliness in your home.
Bring your outdoor space closer.
Even though it may be a little early to fully enjoy the outdoor space, open the garden door already to feel a connection with nature and let in more natural light.
Add a touch of character
Vintage items often have a timeless quality and can be passed down from generation to generation. Cherish them and integrate them into your interior for an authentic and personal touch.
With these simple steps, you can transform your home into a fresh and inviting oasis perfect for the energy of spring. Enjoy the makeover and let your creativity run wild!

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