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Oak dish brush hard

Sale price$19.00

Dishwashing brush in dark oak with Tampico bristles. Tampico comes from the agave lechuguilla plant. These bristles are durable and hard and hold their shape well. Perfect for everyday dishwashing. To be combined with the dishwashing liquid. Always let the brush dry with the bristles facing up. 

Dimensions: W 4 x L 22 cm. 

Humdakin is a Danish brand that offers a wide range of durable and gentle cleaning products and all with an emphasis on beautiful Nordic design. The products are all chemical-free so you don't even have to wear gloves to clean. All products have been long-term tested and provide clean, eco-friendly results. By making highly concentrated products, you also use much less of the product so it lasts longer. Thus, we create less waste. The focus in manufacturing is also on sustainability, as little waste as possible and ethical working conditions for all employees.

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Oak dish brush hard
Oak dish brush hard Sale price$19.00