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Foaming Body Wash refill Voyage Vétiver

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Refill concentrate to create a richly foaming shower experience with fragrant notes of vetiver, sage and sea salt. Inspired by the sea and refreshing like a walk on the beach. 

Simply filling the glass bottle yourself with tap water and the concentrate creates a gentle cleansing formula that transforms your daily routine into a wonderful moment of relaxation. The naturally cleansing and skin-friendly biolipids and the addition of aloe vera leave the skin moisturised. The timeless glass bottle is designed to refill endlessly and save waste at home.

Aloe vera: soothing and moisturising for the skin

Natural biolipids: for gentle cleansing and soft skin

100% vegan

Save on this product and the environment by refilling the bottle at home with a new concentrate and tap water. The bottle is suitable for concentrates in all fragrances.

Marie Stella Maris uses as many natural ingredients as possible, up to 100%. All care products are free of parabens, silicones and artificial colourings. Besides sourcing ingredients responsibly, they strive for sustainable packaging and being able to refill all products. The focus now is mainly on refilling, as a strategy to reduce waste. They also want to commit to clean, drinkable water for everyone. Therefore, 5% of all turnover is donated to sustainable water projects.

Instructions for use: Clean and dry the foam bottle thoroughly. Carefully open the concentrate. After filling the empty foam bottle with 1 cm of tap water, pour all the concentrate into the bottle. Add tap water up to 1 cm from the rim. Turn the pump back on the bottle. Enjoy and keep refilling! This is how we can reduce waste together.

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Foaming Body Wash refill Voyage Vétiver
Foaming Body Wash refill Voyage Vétiver Sale price$12.00