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Fabric spray 2 in 1

Sale price$33.00

Experience the freshness of this innovative 2-in-1 textile spray infused with the delightful scent of chamomile and sea buckthorn, the same scent found in Humdakin's 01 laundry products.

This efficient and innovative spray does more than remove bad odours; it also adds the lovely, fresh scent of chamomile and sea buckthorn. Take care of your textiles and the environment by using this spray from time to time and delay washing.

Suitable for clothes, sheets, textiles for kitchen and bath, curtains and more. 

Directions for use: Always test on an inconspicuous spot on the textile in question. Spray directly on the textile in need of freshening up.

NOTE: This textile spray does not replace washing for clothes, bedding or other textiles, but can be used to delay and/or prolong the freshness of the textile. Pamper your textiles and enjoy the wonderful fragrance for longer!

Content: 300 ml.

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Fabric spray 2 in 1
Fabric spray 2 in 1 Sale price$33.00