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Home and body bliss

Home and body bliss

To awaken your senses in your home, of course, a home fragrance cannot be missing. Welcome your guests with a lovely fragrance that we also offer in soaps, candles and lotions. But we also have blissfully scented solutions for your maintenance products. And all this with a sustainable character, because we focus on refills and recycling in all our collections.

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Hand soap Objets d'Amsterdam refill 500 mlHand soap Objets d'Amsterdam refill 500 ml
Foaming Body Wash Starter Kit Objets d'AmsterdamFoaming Body Wash Starter Kit Objets d'Amsterdam
Fragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 500 mlFragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 500 ml
Fragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 240 mlFragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 240 ml
Fragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 100 mlFragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 100 ml
Set of 4 bath creamersSet of 4 bath creamers
Set of 4 bath creamers Sale price$22.00
Foaming Body Wash refill Voyage VétiverFoaming Body Wash refill Voyage Vétiver
Lip Balm 12 mlLip Balm 12 ml
Lip Balm 12 ml Sale price$11.00
Oak dish brush softOak dish brush soft
Oak dish brush soft Sale price$19.00
Refill Fragrance sticks Objet d'Amsterdam 750 ml.Refill Fragrance sticks Objet d'Amsterdam 750 ml.
Hand Gift Set Voyage VétiverHand Gift Set Voyage Vétiver
Hand soap Voyage Vétiver 250 mlHand soap Voyage Vétiver 250 ml
Hand Gift Set Rock RosesHand Gift Set Rock Roses
Hand Gift Set Rock Roses Sale price$37.00
Hand Cream Objets d'Amsterdam 50 mlHand Cream Objets d'Amsterdam 50 ml
Hand soap Objets d'Amsterdam 250 mlHand soap Objets d'Amsterdam 250 ml
Hand soap Rock Roses refill 500 mlHand soap Rock Roses refill 500 ml
Fragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 250 mlFragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 250 ml
Fragrance Sticks Rock Roses 100 mlFragrance Sticks Rock Roses 100 ml
Fragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 100 mlFragrance Sticks Objets d'Amsterdam 100 ml
Room Spray Objets d'Amsterdam 240 mlRoom Spray Objets d'Amsterdam 240 ml
Laundry dryer balls - set of 3Laundry dryer balls - set of 3
Dishwashing products stand sandstoneDishwashing products stand sandstone
Bath saltBath salt
Bath salt Sale price$27.00
Bucket beigeBucket beige
Bucket beige Sale price$41.00
Glass cleanerGlass cleaner
Glass cleaner Sale price$21.00
Home gift set Voyage VétiverHome gift set Voyage Vétiver
Refill Fragrance sticks Voyage Vétiver 750 mlRefill Fragrance sticks Voyage Vétiver 750 ml
Foaming Body Wash refill Objets d'AmsterdamFoaming Body Wash refill Objets d'Amsterdam
Hand Gift Set Objets d'AmsterdamHand Gift Set Objets d'Amsterdam
Body Wash Humdakin 500 ml.Body Wash Humdakin 500 ml.
Foot cream Humdakin 100 mlFoot cream Humdakin 100 ml
Hand lotion - Chamomile and Sea BuckthornHand lotion - Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn
Fabric spray 2 in 1Fabric spray 2 in 1
Fabric spray 2 in 1 Sale price$33.00
Bath bombBath bomb
Bath bomb Sale price$7.00
Fragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 500 mlFragrance Sticks Voyage Vétiver 500 ml
Jar in sandstoneJar in sandstone
Jar in sandstone Sale price$20.00
Oval tray in sandstoneOval tray in sandstone
Oval tray in sandstone Sale price$47.00
Kitchen kitKitchen kit
Kitchen kit Sale price$50.00
Fabric softener 01Fabric softener 01
Fabric softener 01 Sale price$21.00
Laundry detergent 01Laundry detergent 01
Laundry detergent 01 Sale price$20.00
Room spray 2 in 1Room spray 2 in 1
Room spray 2 in 1 Sale price$31.00
Oak dish brush hardOak dish brush hard
Oak dish brush hard Sale price$19.00
Fabric softener 03Fabric softener 03
Fabric softener 03 Sale price$21.00
Laundry detergent 03Laundry detergent 03
Laundry detergent 03 Sale price$20.00
Detergent 02Detergent 02
Detergent 02 Sale price$20.00
Universal all-purpose cleaner 02Universal all-purpose cleaner 02
Toilet cleanerToilet cleaner
Toilet cleaner Sale price$16.00
Cleaning kitCleaning kit
Cleaning kit Sale price$28.00